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Affordable Group Health Insurance in Virginia

Virginia Group Health Insurance Quotes

Group Health Insurance & Small Business Insurance in Virginia

Interested in affordable group health insurance plans for your Virginia business? We can help. We offer custom, personalized group health insurance quotes for small businesses in Virginia. Have your health insurance questions answered and get the most affordable health insurance quotes in Virginia. Fill out this short form and we will personally contact you. Remember our consultation services are free.

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Health Care Reform
Law Brochure

With so many changes, how will the new law affect your business? Get your FREE health care reform law brochure.

  • Learn about changes in coverage rules & benefit subsidies
  • A year-by-year look at the dates of the health care reform law provisions
  • A chart outlining how the law affects different types of health plans
  • Details on special programs and cost savings created by the law
  • Definitions for significant health care reform law terms

Virginia Group Health Insurance FAQ

Virginia Group Health Insurance FAQ

What is Group Health Insurance?

Group health insurance is health coverage provided by an employer for business owners, employees and dependents.

Most Americans have group health insurance through their job or a family member's employer-sponsored group plan. Employers often share insurance costs with their employees. Special tax incentives offer added benefits to businesses that provide group health insurance.

How does Group Health Insurance Work?

As the employer, you simply select a group health insurance plan and then invite employees to enroll in the plan.

Typically, employers will cover at least half of each employee's monthly premium, and often also contribute to dependent premiums. The remaining cost is paid by the employee.

Is Group Health Insurance right for my Virginia Business?

If you want to provide business health insurance benefits to your employees and you're able to cover a portion of their premiums, group health insurance is the best choice.

Providing group health insurance not only provides quality health insurance for your employees, but it can also help to hire and retain the best workers. Furthermore, the amount you pay toward employee premiums may be tax-deductible. Group coverage also protects workers and family members who would go uninsured due to their medical history. No one can be turned down based on medical history in group health insurance plans.

Health Care Reform Tax Credit Calculator for Virginia

Health Care Reform Law Tax Credit Calculator

The health care reform law gives certain small businesses a tax credit of up to 35% (25% for tax-exempt eligible small groups) in 2010. You can estimate potential health insurance savings under the health care reform law with this tax credit calculator created by H&R Block.

Understand the potential financial effects of the following health care legislation on small businesses:

  • Small business health care premium credit (effective 2010)
  • Requirements of provider coverage for employees (effective 2014)
  • Penalties for not providing coverage (effective 2014)
  • Excise taxes on high-cost health plans (effective 2018)

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